EasyCandle Electronic
Candle height: 210 mm
Lighting time: 210 days
RealFlame technology
Speciality: Hybrid technology (solar+battery powered)

The advantage of EasyCandle Electronic, which seems to burn as a real candle, is the environmentally friendly hybrid technology combining solar power and special batteries without cadmium (Cd). For that reason, it is more environmentally friendly and affordable in comparison to competition. The candle burns with the help of the sun, which is absorbed by the solar cells during the day. The solar power is then converted into electricity, which charges the batteries. EasyCandle Electronic burns day and night, differing from other solar candles which burn only at night.

We are offering an innovative candle with a built in, RealFlame technology. This technology provides the flame with a specific frequency of light movement, giving the candle an optimal imitation of a real flame. Consequently, the burning candle appears as a real classic candle.
SOLAR EFFICIENCY, another special technology, enables longer burning time, even up to 210 days. 10 % depending on weather conditions

The use of EasyCandle Electronic is fireproof and resistant to moisture and wind (the candle is additionally loaded with organic material), making it easy to use indoors and outdoors.

Candles are made pursuant to the requirements of European directive on waste collections and have the possibility of exchanging their special batteries.
EasyCandle Electronic is made of organic materials and a metal lid, which does not contain any zinc (Zn) or dyes. After use, it can be taken to pieces and recycled.

The innovative photovoltaic system, built in EasyCandle Electronic does not release any carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions or any other harmful gases.


New generation electronic candle

RealFlame TECHNOLOGY burns as a real candle realistic imitation of classic candle burning

ECO & SOLAR POWER environmentally friendlier hybrid technology

SOLAR EFFICIENCY longer burning time, even up to 210 days


We care for environment
Colors and materials used are of highest quality and in accordance with all environmental and other new modern standards!