EasyCandle Small
Candle height: 190 mm
Burning time: 40 hours
100% Natural Palm Oil

Speciality: Integrated Igntion System

The innovation EasyCandle provides with a great advantage over their competition because it eliminates all shortcomings of igniting an ordinary candle, and that at an extremely low cost.

We are offering you an inovative candle with an integrated ignition system that can be based on an ordinary gift candle, grave candle, household candle or any other similar candle types. The ignition system does not depend on the candle type or constitution so that it can be used for any kind of candles that are made by the candle industry today.

The inovative ignition is a welcome addition to the candle industry because of its commercial advantages, practical usefulness, its low production costs and complete compatibility with further production processes. It presents a new additional and powerful advantage over the competition at minimal additional expenses for candle producers.

Based on our knowledge of chemical ingredients, their reactions and development costs, we can independently select a chemical mix, although the mix that resembles the chain reaction of an ordinary match.

Until now igniting a candle was customly done by lightning it with matches or a lighter, which was hazardous to our hands and also, for example, made melting the plastic housing of a grave candle a possibility.

Research shows
Consumers often don't have matches or other ignition tools with them, especially lately when there are less and less smokers, which makes igniting candles especially problematic.

We have also found that most consumers light their candles under a certain angle that causes a series of miss happenings, such as wax stains from the candle and even skin burns.

People also have many problems igniting their candles out on the open, especially when raining or the wind is present.

Certificates: EN 60068-3/95 TS, EN 60068-2-6/95

We care for environment
Colors and materials used are of highest quality and in accordance with all environmental and other new modern standards!