Who we are
BHRI - Biophysical Human Research Institute – we are the company that is involved in development of human-friendly innovations, in development and support of technologies for prevention and curative in personality and integrity of entire human development.

In the process, we also create or improve existing products that positively influence our everyday, awareness and health.

Vision of the company
Our vision is co-creation of modern society of higher consciousness where individuals live a more contented, qualitative and healthier life with higher awareness of themselves, of others and of Nature.

We care for environment
Colors and materials used are of highest quality and in accordance with all environmental and other new modern standards!

“We invest our work into technologies that represent practical and evolutionary
progress for mankind.”

We invest our energy and resources into technologies that characterize practical and evolutionary progress for mankind or help people to a faster personal growth, development or enhancement of positive energy, consciousness and confidence in a better future for mankind. We also support new and innovative projects for progress and growth of families and individuals that need help. This includes helping the growth of local society.

We don’t support the advance of exploitation of any form.

We don’t support the development of any type, form or means that interfere with the natural development of the planet Earth and its populace.

We don’t support development of new weapons or devices that improve military techniques or equipment, new possibilities for advancement in the military use of energies or psychological technologies for the purpose of subjection in any form.

Details of the company
The company BHRI d.o.o. was established in 2008 and it unites top scientists in the field of development of new products, market strategies and sales. The founding company and the owner of our establishment is the company “Koras International” from USA. With its 450 mio USD of its own capital, it represents a highly developed and fast-growing enterprise of the world design. The company invests its funds only into technologically highly developed and advanced projects or subjects with at least 60% or higher annual growth.

Anticipated annual growth of the company is above 100%. Since we are not indifferent to our employees, we invest a lot of energy into their well-being, constant personal growth and expansion on all levels.