EasyCandle - Winter simulation tests

In our industrial laboratory, we tested the burning and behaviour of the candle EasyCandle under special conditions in extreme temperature environment.

The test showed that, in spite of extremely low and extremely high temperatures, the quality of burning is outstanding and it does not release soot into the atmosphere.

Even in these conditions, the candle EasyCandle has the optimum utilisation in regard to wax in comparison with burning time.

Article 909001011, Biophysical Human Research Institute


EasyCandle - The Revolution

The last tests illustrated how cleanly the special wax of the EasyCandle burns.

The picture is showing two candles by competitive producers and the EasyCandle small after two days of burning, with outside temperature of 30°C and wind speed of 6 m/s.

With 466 independent tests, we proved how clean the burning of EasyCandle is in comparison with other producers.

Article 909001010, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Revolutionary plastic rotation method

EasyCandle is a revolutionary candle, not only due to the igniting method, quality of raw materials and modern design, but also due to the completely new method of plastic handling – with the so-called rotation method.

With this innovative method we achieve, that the neck of the casing remains stable. The comparative picture of EasyCandle and competitive candles shows that only with EasyCandle, the stability of plastic is remarkable which ensures the clean burning. Thus, the plastic doesn’t overheat and doesn’t emit harmful substances into the environment.

Article 909001009, Biophysical Human Research Institute

EasyCandle – Candle of the future

EasyCandle is not just an ordinary candle; it’s a new technology with rigorous control over the entire production process and with the choice of environmentally friendly components. Each EasyCandle is individually checked to ensure the technological and environmental demands.

Article 909001008, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Easycandle – in symbiosis with nature for better quality

We devote special attention to the care for environment; therefore we are focused on environmentally friendly raw materials for the production of EasyCandle.

Wax is produced from 100% palm oil of the highest quality, which is known for the cleaner burning in comparison to the ordinary paraffin wax, which is derived from crude oil.

With the new technology of cold press we reduced wax consumption by 30% while the duration of burning remained the same.

With the dual-melting-point technology we developed the wick, produced of 100% cotton that doesn’t contain lead threads the ordinary wicks do – it’s known that these emit cancerrogenous gasses while burning.

Plastic parts of the EasyCandle are made of 100% recycled raw materials to ease the burden on environment.

Article 909001007, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Special EasyCandle lids – friendlier to health and environment

The EasyCandle lids are produced of pure iron, the protective wrapping is environmentally friendly. Unlike ordinary lids, we do not use dyes, zinc or similar protections which emit harmful substances as a side-effect during heating.

Article 909001006, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Interface that ensures optimum burning

With development of a special interface we achieved that the lid remains firmly embedded during burning or in windy conditions. Thus, plastic does not overheat, does not emit harmful gases and the melting of wax remains optimal.

Article 909001005, Biophysical Human Research Institute

EasyCandle in Central-Eastern Europe

We are pleased to announce that we have completed arrangements with business partners in Central-Eastern Europe, and EasyCandle will available very quickly.

Customers will be able to buy them in their favorite market. According to our calculations, the price is equal to the competitive candles on the market and there has been much interest around the world, so we are hoping to reach every continent.

Article 909001004, Biophysical Human Research Institute

How safe is EasyCandle really?

When you think of such a candle with an auto mechanism, the question arises: how safe did such a candle?

The answer is: it is safer then any of the laws and regulations require it to be... and it is at least as safe as matches or a lighter.

Let us take a look. If you want to light a match, you intend to light something. You do not need much power or skill, but you have to make the right movement. We can say that not very often, are matches lit "by chance", meaning someone accidently took a match and lit something.

On the other hand, there have been many cases where a person knew how to light a match, but was not aware of the consequences of this action (i.e. children).

It is the same way with EasyCandle: if someone has wants to light it, he or she can (although there is more effort needed, as EasyCandle must be taken out of the protective wrapper). However, we can say with certainty that your child or pet will more likely drink toxic detergents before inadvertently lighting an EasyCandle.

EasyCandle should therefore be stored in the same place where you would store matches, cleaners and other toxic substances – i.e. in a place that is not easily accessible to everyone because EasyCandle is not a toy!

It is also important to know that EasyCandle will not light accidentally or by mistake at any time. To prove this we have both certificates and authorized documents. EasyCandle will not ignite itself at high temperatures, during transportation, awkward handling (for example, by falling to the ground), at different pressures (for example, when transport by plan), when exposed to the modified chemical circumstances, or during changes in humidity.

So, when you buy EasyCandle you can forget all your problems - because EasyCandle is all you ever wanted it to be.

Article 909001003, Biophysical Human Research Institute

It's Not Just the Easiest Candle to Handle, It's all I Ever Wanted a Candle to be,
It's EasyCandle.

Life without candles seems impossible to imagine. At least we use it here and there: when visiting graves, during a lovely evening by the fire, while dinning outdoors, having a romantic dinner...

However, a normal candle has one weakness; it depends on matches or a lighter. This is the one downside that can ruin a beautiful moment.

That is why we, at BHRI have decided to produce the first candle in the world that does not require the ignition from an outside source such as matches or a lighter because it is simply built-in.

We call our candle EasyCandle as this is certainly the simplest, most carefree and comfortable to use candle in the world.

In addition, it is very important that EasyCandles are a very high quality product that does not lag behind other sophisticated competitive products.

EasyCandle come in the form of grave, ambient and gift candles of different sizes and shapes.

Article 909001002, Biophysical Human Research Institute

Introducing EasyCandle:
"No Matches, No Problems"

World Innovation: We are proud to present the first candle in the world that does not need matches. This means that you'll never have problems lighting a candle in the wind, rain, or when you only have one hand free, etc. Never again will you be at a disadvantage if you do not have a lighter or matches, or if your matches are too wet to work.

The secret is a special ignition holder that in its interior has an active component which when pulled causes the candle to light (see video). Very importantly, the candle is 100% reliable and secure against accidental or inadvertent ignition (children, pets ...).

And great news for all customers: EasyCandle will not sell for any more than competing candles. Therefore, you can say goodbye to the "old-fashioned" candle – EasyCandle is here!

Article 909001001, Biophysical Human Research Institute

We care for environment
Colors and materials used are of highest quality and in accordance with all environmental and other new modern standards!