General information and operation
What is EasyCandle and how does it work?
What is the benefit of EasyCandle?
In what way is the EasyCandle special or different from the traditional candles?
To whom is EasyCandle target? (or.. Who should use EasyCandle)
How do I know if EasyCandle is really reliable?
How come the price is not higher than regular candles?
Why the name EasyCandle?
How can I buy an EasyCandle or cooperate with you?

In the video the candle is lit very easily ... does this mean you can "accidentally" turn it on?
Could the candle light when there is friction, at high temperatures or in other special situations?
Do warehouses, transport vehicles, etc have to have any specific additional safety measures?
How do I know that the candle is truly safe ... except your promises?

How to "pull" the holder in the most reliable way?
What should I do if the candle will not light?
Can EasyCandle light several times?
Could children use this candle?
Where and how should I store an EasyCandle?
What EasyCandle models are available?
Is Should I know anything else about EasyCandle?
How does EasyCandle work in the rain, wind, and heat?

Tehnical information
From what materials is the product made?