General information
and operation

What is EasyCandle and how does it work?
EasyCandle is a normal candle (perfect for all occasions). It is made of identical materials as the other high quality candles, and burns the same. However, it has one additional and essential novelty: to light it does not need matches or a lighter, but is activated by pulling (see video).
The secret is in a special, patented system, which, with the assistance of friction between two materials allows for simple and reliable ignition.

What is the benefit of EasyCandle?
The biggest benefit is a reliable ignition in extreme weather conditions. Have you ever tried to light a candle in windy or rainy conditions (while holding an umbrella)? Now all these problems disappear. Wet matches will bother you no more and you will not be inconvenienced if you do not have matches or a lighter with you.
In short, EasyCandle is a modern, high quality "premium" candle, which will serve you in an excellent way.

In what way is the EasyCandle special or different from the traditional candles?
It is different in many ways. First, it distinguished by the patented ignition mechanism, which is the fruit of our knowledge and, as such, unique to the market - now the ignition does not need matches or a lighter.

Second, the candle is easier to use even in inclement weather conditions, it can be used in light rain, wind, or when we do not have both hands free.

Third, top-quality and recycled materials are used, which makes it of the highest caliber, as it is biodegradable and eco-friendly.

Fourth, people with disabilities are part of the production process by purchasing an EasyCandle; you are helping them continue their careers.

Fifth, each candle is specially packaged in a protective film, which enables additional safety and reliability.

Last but not least – with all of these benefits we managed to keep the price of an EasyCandle on par with "normal" candles.

To whom is EasyCandle target?
Who should use EasyCandle?

Since this is a normal high-quality candle, it is intended to all those who are already using candles. It is different from the normal ones as it is ignition-assisted. Once lit, it is exactly like other candles.

You can also choose between different models, which will update continuously and when necessary.

How do I know if EasyCandle is really reliable?
The patented system of EasyCandle ignition is the result of years of R&D by a technical team that found the optimal solution for a reliable operation. In addition to various tests on the candle in house, a very demanding tests in the SIQ laboratory was completed, which issued the appropriate certificates of quality.

How come the price is not higher than regular candles?
Of this we are especially proud. The fact is that the development of a specific ignition system cost a lot of ... however; during the whole process we kept in mind that the end product had to be affordable. Therefore, we checked raw material suppliers around the world and very carefully selected materials (we insisted on the very high quality materials, but under favorable conditions).

The second reason is that by providing opportunities to disabled persons allowed us to cut costs while helping them to gain job experience.

The third reason is that we minimized our earnings to a minimum level... and fourth, we do not employ a middle-man, but only a quality distributor.

Why the name EasyCandle?
EasyCandle combines the two words that best describe it: easy and candle, which you will be able to find everywhere. Pull the igniter holder and it is lit!
The name is protected by trademark therefore we do not translate it into other languages (like, for example, "Post-it" self-adhesive paper).

How can I buy an EasyCandle or cooperate with you?
If you want to buy a candle in the retail, see list of retail locations. If you want to work with us as a retailer or distributor, please contact a local agent or company headquarters. There you will find all the details including: procurement, supply, quantity, conditions of participation, etc...


In the video the candle is lit very easily ... does this mean you can „accidentally" turn it on?
NEVER. Very great attention was paid to two particular situations:

• The safety of EasyCandle on self in store

• The safety of EasyCandle at home (where there are small children, pets, etc ...)

For in store safety, each candle is separately packed in a protective film, which makes it impossible to light by "accident" (to start, you must unwrap the protective cover, open the candle and pull a special igniter). However, the potential for abuse is almost equal to other candles. It is easy to light one if that is your intention (take a pocket lighter or matches and light the candle, which is usually not specially packed.

Similar measures can be taken for safety in the home. The protective film makes it impossible to light the candle by mistake or for it to light on its own. Furthermore, we kept children, pets, the elderly, and the curious in mind when designing.

Indeed, there is a higher risk for a child to drink a house detergents then it is for him or her to light an EasyCandle. Nevertheless, we recommend that you store EasyCandles in the places where children cannot reach them (for example, in upper cabinets). You can also store them with your cleaning supplies which you have already stored in a very safe place.

Each candle is also equipped with visible and clear graphic elements, which clearly show what is intended for and how to use it.

Could the candle light when there is friction, at high temperatures or in other special situations?
Not at all. Security is first place for us - because if you did not care for it, the candle would be completely useless.

Before we even placed EasyCandle on the market, we obtained certificates of safety (testing and auto-transporting), which are issued by the Institute's SIQ specialized laboratories. We wanted to make sure that the candle is 100% safe in all possible circumstances:

• We tested the possibility of the candle accidently lighting itself at moments of high friction by simulating transport on difficult terrain, in women’s purses or bags, or by dropping the candle from high heights.

• We tested the possibility of auto-ignition in extremely high temperatures, where we simulated the storage of candles in hot places or near heat sources (radiators, the sun, etc.), in transport during hot summer months, and other such situations. .

• We also tested various other options, which could theoretically lead to auto-ignition, for example, children or pets playing with the candle. In addition we asked test-consumers to "research" EasyCandle to see how they handled the candle not knowing it was different.

• We kept in mind the possibility of having the candle lit in emergency situations: where there is different air pressure, when exposed to the changed circumstances of a chemical (for example, in a special warehouses), at modified humidity levels, etc.

• We are pleased to announce that the EasyCandle is perfectly effective and totally safe for all modes of transport, storage and use. Of course, instructions on the handling of the candle should be carefully read and are written on the packaging itself.

Do warehouses, transport vehicles, etc have to have any specific additional safety measures?
No, because the chemical compounds that enable the ignition are separated. The technology is similar to matches, which have been around for many decades. The whole process is in accordance with European law as well as additional security measures.

How do I know that the candle is truly safe ... except your promises?
First, no product can be sold, unless it receives permission from specialized bodies. Such bodies are made up of commissions and specific inspections that investigate every product and its risks. For example, in the same way that electronic device go through inspections to see if they disturb other devices, so do candles to check for security and reliability.

Second, EasyCandle certificates from a 3rd party institute ensure that the tests done were impartial and assume responsibility for the security of the product. If the product did not fit 100% of the criteria, no institution would take over those responsibilities.

And lastly, given the huge input of knowledge, effort and resources into the development of EasyCandle we want to sell these candles for years and decades to come. This is possible only if users of EasyCandle are happy. So, taking shortcuts on important issues was not part of our plan.


How to "pull" the holder in the most reliable way?
It is perfectly simple, pull the holder in the same way and speed that you would light a match. In addition, the system allows for use at slower or higher speeds. The only fault may be, if you are consciously experimental with the holder and do not pull it.

What should I do if the candle will not light?
This possibility is extremely small, since the materials and technology are verified and standardized. Theoretically, this can happen, for example, due to unprofessional conduct, or where the manufacturer's instructions for storage have expired...
If after attempting to ignite an EasyCandle in the correct manner, it does not work you can still light it the way you would light a normal candle with matches, a lighter or another candle.

Can EasyCandle light several times?
No, because this is not necessary. However - in theory – you could re-light a candle the same way you would others (once lit, the EasyCandle transforms into normal candle).

Could children use this candle?
Yes. This is the first candle that is simple enough to be turned on by children, the disabled, or those with health problems (pain or limited mobility, suffering muscle, etc) that may have had trouble lighting normal candles.

However, for security purposes it is always important for children to have supervision when using EasyCandle (the problem is not the ignition, but manipulation of the candle when it is already lit). Like in all situations, there should be security measures that taken when using fire. Although EasyCandle looks really fun to handle, it is not a toy!

Where and how should I store an EasyCandle?
Follow the same instructions as for storing of matches: a dry place not accessible to children.

What EasyCandle models are available?
You can choose between funeral, ambient and gift candles of different sizes. Check our website often to see new models.

Is Should I know anything else about EasyCandle?
No. This candle is the simplest to use, as you do not need matches or a lighter and it is easy to light in difficult weather conditions.
Of course, you should take into account the normal precautions when dealing with fire.

How does EasyCandle work in the rain, wind, and heat?
This is one of the key advantages of EasyCandle. Not only that it is very easy to use in such circumstances, but it can be light with only one hand: place the candle on a solid surface, draw the special igniter holder ... and is already burning!

Tehnical information

From what materials is the product made?
EasyCandle is made of high quality, including recycled and therefore environmentally friendly materials, which are also commonly used for the production of (high-quality) of candles. The only "addition" is a patented ignition mechanism, which is made of special chemical elements, which correspond to the rules, standards and norms for the purpose of use.
All the materials are premium, which means there is no cheap plastic or wax.

The product is fully produced in Slovenia, and partially by disabled citizens. Thus, the purchase of each EasyCandle also helps people with disabilities maintain employment.

We care for environment
Colors and materials used are of highest quality and in accordance with all environmental and other new modern standards!